‚ÄčA cold stone that will numb my worries A hot coal that will burn at touch A crystal ice that will melt before i blink A lone doll that i will snuggle in slumber An hour glass that will dance in the swift of time A string of the guitar that i shall sing in … More SILVER COIN


The wide brim and intended crown of “fedora hats” makes those great caps indeed heart felt. Ranging from ribbons to leather, fedora hats have hatbands and sometimes feathers as decoration. For several decades fedora hats were tagged mainly to gansters and politicians in rare colours like brown, grey and  black till in recent times when … More ART OF FEDORA HATS


No doubts beards have become the new six packs. In recent times guys have given so much attention to their beards as it were to the abs. Ladies of a sure T are getting used to the forestry of hair around their guys’ mouths lol. The significance of beards has infused several beliefs, appellations and … More BEARD GANG CLANS


Foremost in ladies trending appearance lately has been the choker necklace. The piece grips the neck enough to seem like part of one’s skin. Suprisingly, the trend of these necklaces is routed deep into history of ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian. Women during French Revolution took to wearing red ribbons around their necks to pay … More GIRLS ARE CHOKING!!!


The theme for another day is another hustle That is for a man with full bars battery of hope A man with yet contracting muscles to pull it through The theme is further peculiar to a mobile man, a man on his two feet that can truly walk on hot pebbles and thorns called “hustle….” … More TICKING CLOCK


(judge not a book….) From 93million miles above, the 3pm sun of Agbowo shopping complex hit me mercilessly with one of its scorching wings. Oh my God! I exclaimed from deep within and swore against hell. Yet i proceeded under the hot burning rays – either at faster or slower pace for the sake of … More IRONY OF FACES II


It ticks 23:00 in Nigeria, 17:00 in Tennessee, 18:00 in Michigan and in Ohio. While the yellow generator still wails helplessly at the back of the crib, instant message buzzes kept rainning in, new email alerts wont stop lightening at the same time new internet explorer tabs were refreshed – not leaving out the highlighted … More PAY AS YOU GO